Which oz,  how many milliliters

2,5 oz 74 ml
4 oz  119 ml
5 oz  148 ml
6 oz  178 ml
6,5 oz 192 ml
7 oz  207 ml
8 oz  236 ml
9 oz  266 ml
12  oz 355 ml
14 oz  414 ml
16 oz 473 ml
20 oz 592 ml
26 oz 769 ml



Typically printed in monochrome or 2 colors

Printing up to 4 colors can be specially made. (CMYK)

The machines are printing 8 fate destiny.

Little color printing is done to make the cost cheap

The inner coating of cardboard cups is coated with biodegradable PLA.
PLA is derived from natural and edible plants produced from plant sources rich in starch such as corn, sugar cane.

The PLA used in the cups is milled and made from processed corn to remove the plasticized starch.

The papers used in the manufacture of cardboard cups have the Forest Stewardship Council and BPI COMPASTABLE certificates.

It is made from 200-250-300-350 gr paper and it is covered with 0.18 micron PLA.

Polyethylene is also coated and allowed to coat the health ministry PLA and PE.